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What is a Personal Injury Attorney

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A Personal injury attorney specializes in working with the cases of clients who have been physically, emotionally or mentally injured and have the belief that this injury has been caused by a third party. In general, personal injury falls under an area called Tort Law. Essentially, Tort Law is a specific area of civil law that deals with injuries to a persons body, property or reputation that results in damage. This damage can be financial, mental or physical.

Usually, the more common types of cases that a personal injury lawyer is going to deal with include situations such as automobile accidents, work related injuries, medical mistakes, slips and falls, and defective products. Of course, just like any lawyer, a personal injury attorney will be qualified to handle any number of cases, but these types of cases are where a personal injury lawyer will have his or her areas of expertise.

If you are someone who has been injured or suffered because of the actions of others, then you should speak with a personal injury attorney immediately. An attorney will be able to work through the facts of your claim with you and then determine if you were the victim of irresponsible or careless actions on the part of another. It is at this point, the attorney is going to give you an honest assessment of where your situation stands.

Personal injury lawyers typically work on what is called a contingency fee. This means that they will only receive an attorney fee if the case is won. And that fee is a percentage of the damages or settlement awarded. So, clearly, it is in the best interests of the attorney to tell you if your case is something that he or she is very confident can be won. From this point, it is up to you to chose how to proceed forward.

After the first consultation, your lawyer will begin to build the case against the defendant. This process is going to include a phase where evidence is going to be collected from various parties in order to build a strong case. Oftentimes, your personal injury lawyer is going to work with the other party to reach a negotiated settlement. This is because going to court is going to be very expensive for the defendants, so they will end up settling the case with a sum that is going to be adequate compensation for any pain, suffering or injuries on your part from their actions.

If a case cannot be settled, then it will go to trail. In these instances your attorney will have to prove that the defendants caused your injury and suffering because of negligence on their part. If you end up winning the case, you will be awarded a monetary sum called damages from the other side and the case will be closed.

As you can see, a personal injury attorney is going to be able to be there for you every step of the way in your case and work hard to ensure you receive the compensation that you deserve.

If you have been injured as a result of someone's actions, call James & McMullen, LLP at (707)-468-9271 to discuss your needs.


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